Our school motto “MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER” encapsulates our uncompromising drive to work together, inclusive of all stakeholders, to ensure Langney Primary School is at the forefront of education and provides an outstanding education for its pupils.  Never complacent, we are united in our strive for continuous school improvement.





The learning agenda is progressed by staff at all levels through innovative leadership, collegiality, enthusiasm and energy.  


It is a very exciting chapter ahead for Langney Primary School as we actively seek maximum success for each and every learner by creating a school that is a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in all disciplines, academic and beyond. We are leading the way for example, to become a ‘Flagship School’ for Inclusion, Performing Arts, Music, Competitive Sport and Digital Excellence.


Our vision is to provide opportunity and excellence in all branches of learning in order to unlock each unique child’s potential and allow them to discover, explore and extend their natural talents.  In addition to quality first teaching in the classroom with a focus on curriculum based skills and knowledge, we will do this by providing expert and specialist teaching in fields such as: computing, competitive sport, music, languages, cooking, performing arts and inclusion. We will also provide wide-ranging extra-curricular opportunities to support children’s interests and uncovered ‘hidden’ abilities. 



In May 2003, the Secretary of State launched a strategy for primary schools entitled ‘Excellence and Enjoyment.’  Despite this document long being outmoded, the key principles remain current.  


In order to be a genuinely outstanding school, we believe there must be a balance between ‘excellence’ and ‘enjoyment.’  If there is an imbalance with too much focus on standards (excellence), there is a risk of children becoming disenchanted and achievement thwarted.  If there is an imbalance with too much focus on enjoyment there is a risk of low expectations, weak attainment and poor performance measures.  We believe the  ‘excellence’ and ‘enjoyment’ aspects of learning should be interlocked and interdependent. At Langney Primary School, our vision is to uphold the imperative balance between EXCELLENCE (standards) and ENJOYMENT of learning.



In our pursuit of EXCELLENCE:


- all leaders and managers, including those responsible for governance, are highly ambitious for the pupils and lead by example;


- self-evaluation is robust and school improvement priorities are based on a deep and accurate understanding of the school’s performance, and of the staff and pupils’ skills and attributes;


- leaders focus relentlessly on improving teaching and learning and provide focused professional development for all staff;


- staff have high expectations and model professional standards in all of their work;


- the school has highly successful strategies for engaging with parents to the benefit of pupils;


- attainment and achievement are characterised by ambitious objectives, challenging pupil targets, rigorous teacher assessment, comprehensive tracking of pupil progress, rapid intervention and accountability;


- ‘outstanding’ teaching takes place in all classes and lessons build on the pupils’ prior learning and / or individual next steps in learning;


- teachers carefully plan learning activities that are differentiated by levelled learning outcomes;


-prior formative assessment information is used to ensure each child is suitably   challenged at his / her own level within every lesson;


-teachers ensure children know what they are learning (learning objective), why (bigger picture) and what they need to do in order to be successful (success   criteria / steps to success).  Children are encouraged to become independent learners who are able to assess and evaluate their own learning;


-teacher marking is constructive and ensures pupils are clear about how to improve.  Pupils act on any advice given;


-the staff team are committed to all pupils making rapid and sustained progress; -we continuously strive to improve standards of attainment for all groups of   learners;


-we aim to equip each child with the necessary skills and knowledge, preparing them well for the next stage of their education.

In our pursuit of ENJOYMENT:


- lessons are fun and humour is commonplace; - a creative curriculum, linked to the unique context of the school and interests of   learners, has been developed;


- teachers are passionate about teaching and subject content;


- teachers and other adults create a positive climate for learning in their lessons resulting in highly motivated pupils;


- in lessons there are high levels of interaction and practical paired / group work;


- children are encouraged to be creative, independent, use their initiative and develop higher-order thinking skills;


- teachers know their pupils well and relationships are highly productive;


- teachers listen to, carefully observe and skilfully question pupils in order to engage, reshape tasks and ensure appropriate challenge at all levels;


- the learning environment is an exciting and vibrant place to be;


- we equally value social and emotional aspects of development, in addition to  curriculum-based skills and knowledge;


- children behave well, are considerate towards each other and feel safe. Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness is a strength;


- plentiful opportunities for outdoor learning and educational visits;


- no child is left out.  All children are valued for their contributions, achievements, gifts and talents;


- we are not contented unless every child is happy and has developed a love for learning at Langney Primary School.