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At Langney, we are dedicated to equipping children with the knowledge, skills and encouragement to lead healthy, active lives. This is represented in our School Motto, ‘Active Body, Healthy Minds’. We have a competitive sports lesson each week as well as a gymnastics or dance session a week too. These are led by sports specialist teachers who are fantastic role models for our children in terms of living healthy, active lives. Furthermore, every Monday children from Year 2 to 6 attend a ‘Active Body, Healthy Mind’ assembly, which is an assembly dedicated to educating children in how to lead healthy lives, both mentally and physically.
Our staff lead by example: all dress in sport attire for PE sessions they are involved in, and make an effort to take part in whole-school sporting competitions and themes e.g. whole-school race for life.
The PE curriculum at Langney Primary is broad and teaches using a variety of sports, including football, tennis, handball and athletics. As previously mentioned, we also enter a variety of sporting competitions across the county that give not only our most skilled athletes the chance to compete, but we take part in competitions that give children that are less able or less confident a chance to shine too. This exposes children to sports and activities that they may not have an opportunity to take part in outside of school, therefore broadening their experiences and opportunities that may lead to further interests and talents.

Langney has always prided itself on its varied range of extra-curricular clubs. We are able to offer sporting clubs at a minimal price and also run a Change 4 Life club during the summer term, targeting the ‘inactive children’ in Key Stage 2. We use a combination of passionate staff members and external sports coaches and professionals to deliver high quality sports clubs. 
We also enter a vast breadth of sporting competitions and through these, have unearthed many highly talented children over the past few years, in sports including basketball, football and long-distance running. 


The school’s context

We strive to give all children an equal opportunity in our sports and PE lessons and activities at Langney. Our careful differentiation allows all children to take part in all sports we teach, and our varied and rich curriculum allows children to take part in activities they may not have the opportunity to outside of school. 
Furthermore, we offer a range of sporting activities in the form of  after school clubs. These are offered at a reduced rate compared to external clubs, and also in comparison to other Primary schools in the area, meaning our children are all able to have the opportunity to enhance or develop their skills, or find something active that enthuses and inspires them.


PE is structured as one lesson of Competitive Games and one lesson of movement (gymnastics or dance) every week. We have reflected as a PE team that gymnastics has been an area for development in P.E. To address this, we have employed a full time specialist teacher, who will deliver high quality gymnastics and dance sessions to every class from year 1 to 6, once a week, for the entire year. Our specialist teacher will also be delivering free CPD to the teaching staff in order for the high quality teaching to be sustainable.

We also have a competitive sports teacher with us full time, delivering one lesson of competitive sport a week to all classes from years 1 to 6. The specialist teachers bring a breadth of knowledge to their planning and teaching, including detailed differentiation, inclusion for all pupils and an enthusiasm that engages students, leading to a passion for sports and physical activities.

The sessions are mapped out in order to ensure children are participating in a broad range of sporting and competitive activities throughout the year. Sessions are planned for using our C2C scheme of work. Both teachers are highly skilled and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team.

EYFS-Music and movement, Dance, Gymnastics, Ball Skills, Tennis, Athletics
Y1 & 2 -Football, Floor hockey, Basketball, Netball, Handball, Tennis, Cricket, Athletics, Gymnastics and Dance. 
Y3 & 4--Football,Tag Rugby Floor hockey, Basketball, Netball, Handball, Tennis, Cricket, Athletics, Gymnastics and Dance. 
Y5&6- Football,Tag Rugby Floor hockey, Basketball, Netball, Handball, Tennis, Cricket, Athletics, Gymnastics and Dance. 
Year 5 and 6 will also have the opportunity to participate in OAA sessions. In the Early Years Foundation Stage pupils will participate in music and movement, dance, gym, athletic activities and a range of ball skill sessions.

Each competitive sport lesson follows a sequence of:
 •   Warm up
•   Skill development
•   Application
•   Cool down

This ensures children learn and develop the fundamental skills of the sport they are learning  and have the opportunity to apply this into games and competitive situations every week. Alongside this, children are given regular opportunities to ‘free-play,’ particularly in new sports that they may not have explored much or at all before. This allows children to safely explore the rules, equipment and skills involved in the game in addition to a rich and effective process of high-quality skill acquisition.

In addition to the above sports, swimming takes place over one term from Y3-6. Anyone who does not reach the 25m distance will in Y 6 have extra sessions.

How is this subject assessed?
We have a clear progression of learning in PE and competitive sports, with our progression framework (EOYE) document carefully created by the PE team here at Langney, outlining the sporting skills that children are expected to master by the end of each year. All teachers and PE staff use these to ensure progression in learning and consistency of teaching throughout the school.

PE is assessed using the same format as all other curriculum areas via an online tracking database, O-Track. This displays the end of year expectations for children from EYFS to Year 6, allowing teachers to assess whether children are working towards, expected or at greater depth for specific skills in each sport they are taught.

Assessment using O-Track is carried out at the end of each term. OTrack is consistently used as a summative method of assessment. The teacher leading the PE sessions completes a formative assessment sheet for each PE session, which then informs their assessments on O-Track. When our specialist teachers are leading Competitive Sports, they will complete the formative assessment sheets and ensure this is given to the class teacher by the end of each term.