Langney Primary Academy

Swale Academies Trust


Langney school is a centre of excellence in Computing providing the highest standards of teaching. It is led by a specialist teacher who is also a Specialist Leader of Education in I.T. across our Swale Primary Hub.  Our Computing Curriculum is designed to offer a broad range of digital disciplines that introduce a variety of career pathways for children to consider for their future.  By presenting a comprehensive Computing Curriculum at an early age, we are able to identify untapped talent and encourage pupils to excel in virtually any digital skill-set.


We have digital leaders in every KS2 class who are selected on ability. These children are working towards a nationally recognised digital leader qualification through Childnet. They take part in Scholars Days and act as a pupil voice for their class on any e-safety related developments.

Computing looks to enable all learners to succeed.  Rather than simply focusing on basic programming skills, we offer an umbrella of digital skills.  There are a wide range of opportunities in the digital arena and we ensure our Computing curriculum reflects this.  Additionally, in keeping with our high quality safeguarding for our school community, we ensure our Computing curriculum embeds e-safety in a way that is mindful of the ever-evolving dangers faced by our pupils when using digital media in its many forms.

The school’s context

We want  our pupils to receive a high quality primary computing education. This will provide the digital skills required to navigate secondary Computer Science and I.T. learning. This is fundamental to getting pupils ready for the future workplace.

Technology is a common requirement in the modern workplace.  We want our pupils to succeed not only in the academic environment but also in the wider world. 


For consistency, efficiency and clear progression, all pupils, in all years, focus on the same units of work.  These are:

  • Term  1 - Our Digital World

  • Term 2 - Programming 1

  • Term 3 - E-Safety

  • Term 4 - Handling Data

  • Term 5 - Programming 2

  • Term 6 - Digital Presentation 

By all pupils working to the same unit, a clear path of progression can be viewed from reception to Year 6.  Additionally, for any pupils who may struggle with a given task (or may be excelling in a given task) a more suitable task from a different year group can easily be set.
The subject is taught by specialist teachers. The Langney Computing curriculum is now taught across four schools, Langney Primary, Parkland Junior, Parkland Infants and Shinewater Primary.  The structure, schedule and delivery of all Computing across the hub identical. 


How is this subject assessed?

Across the hub, all Computing  is assessed in two forms; OTrack is used  for formative and summative assessment.  End of unit Google Forms assessments are also used to help inform OTrack and gap analysis.