Curriculum for Excellence

At Langney Primary School we are ‘Dedicated To Excellence.’  All school leaders, teaching staff, support staff and governors have PRIDE (Personal Responsibility for Delivering Excellence) as we strive towards becoming a flagship school and ‘centre of excellence’ in all disciplines, academic and beyond. 

Building upon Langney’s strong reputation for creative and enjoyable learning, we ‘move forward together’ to balance this with high standards and academic excellence.  Traditional expectations for each subject are combined with modern teaching strategies and methods.  In addition, the school day is extended by a growing number of rich extra-curricular opportunities.

Fuelled by our passion to ensure every child discovers or extends their talent(s) at primary school, all subjects and disciplines must be taught to the highest standard. There is no compromise.

We have an incredible team of exceptional teachers and support staff who are innovative and driven to be the best.  Learning from research about the success of curricula found in secondary, private and international schools we are always at the forefront.  An example of this is our unique provision of additional specialist teachers in foundation subjects such as computing, competitive sport, languages, cooking, music and performing arts. As a result, the depth of learning in each subject is comprehensive and pupils are more equipped for secondary school through their experiences of having more than one teacher in any given year.

In order to deliver our vision for becoming a centre of excellence for academic subjects and beyond, we have been regenerating our school’s facilities. As a school that is at the forefront of digital technology and a recent recipient of the prestigious ICT Mark for example, we now have a ‘google computing suite.’ Every child in Upper Key Stage 2 (Years 5 and 6) are also provided with their own computing tablet which they use as an integral learning tool for all subjects.  


We want our school environment to be innovative and an exciting place for our pupils to learn; which is exemplified by our de-commissioned double decker bus that  has been transformed into further classroom space. As part of our Reading for Pleasure initiative, we also have a new pupil library where our Reading Champions spend much of their time.  We have further aspirations to create ‘classrooms of the future,’ a science laboratory, food technology room and multi-weather sports pitch.  Langney truly is at the start of something special that strives to meet the demands of a 21st century learner.