Schools Fantasy League! 


This year we have the chance for you to join the Langney School Fantasy League for free. It's an online fantasy football game aimed at schools. It will test your tactical skills and ability to analyse data to select the best team and become a Fantasy League Winner at the end of the season.


To play the school's Fantasy League you will need an email address and know the school pin. Next, select your team and come up with a team name, then the school pin will allow you to join Langney School Fantasy League. Remember, anyone can play! You could even get your whole family to play! If you have more than one email address then you can create more than one team.


There will be prizes and certificates at the end of the season and a chance to update your team at school, If you don't have internet access at home, please see Mr Stevens for more information.


Good luck!


School Pin: 7006016


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