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This Week's Oscar Award Winner

A message from the class teacher:

"I'm just sat here after finishing parents' evening, reflecting on how amazing the children are in my class. It's made me realise that sometimes the quieter children who just get on and work really, really hard EVERY day sadly do not always get the praise they deserve. This is definitely something that I will ensure changes as of now!

Therefore, I would like to nominate this person in my class for an Oscar. She is quiet, sometimes a little shy and constantly smiling! She gets on with her work from the minute she sits down; she's friendly towards EVERYONE; she helps others, she helps me! She follows every rainbow rule daily and she is a complete delight to teach. This pupil is hard working, independent and conscientious and she has a brilliant sense of humour! My only regret is that I didn't nominate her sooner."

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