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Year 1 Fabulous Finish To Term 1

Year 1 were very excited to show off their learning last term. Each week, The Fairy Godmother visited the Year 1 classes with a letter from a different fairy tale character. The children revisited these well-known stories and thought about them from different perspectives. They were able to help The Fairy Godmother write letters back to these characters, to help offer solutions to their problems. They suggested that The Troll might be better off going down to Tesco than trying to eat The Three Billy Goats Gruff and that The Gingerbread Man could try wearing a hat and a scarf as a disguise. The children loved sharing these wonderful ideas and acting out the fairy tales at their end of term performance to parents. The Fairy Godmother even visited one last time, to thank them for all of their help and hard work.

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