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Year 5 Career Aspirations

Throughout the term, we have expanded our PSHE learning on Dreams and Goals to include thinking about our dream jobs and aspirations. Thank you to the volunteers who kindly gave up their time to visit us and talk about their jobs. It was wonderful to see how engaged the children were and you all certainly broadened their understanding of different careers and the reality of day to day life in work.

Today, the children applied their understanding by arriving promptly for their interviews in appropriate clothing. The children had to present their job research (many thanks for parental support with both costumes and homework); had to complete a formal written job application; had to engage in group interview tasks and questions; as well as conducting 1:1 interviews of their peers.

All of Year 5 have WOWed both Miss Post and Mrs Plummer with their job knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm. As a result, we were slightly overwhelmed and incredibly proud to present the children with their job offer letters and certificates at the end of the day.

Year 5 - each one of you will make the most wonderful candidates in the future and we truly believe that any organisation will be lucky to have you as an employee!

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