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Day Two at Camp

Tuesday started perfectly - with pancakes!! Some of us even managed a lie in too... until the incredibly late time of 5am! After fearing rain, we’ve been pleasantly surprised to find today even hotter than yesterday! We’ve continued our activities, including abseiling, crate building and orienteering. We’re having so much fun beating our fears - adults and children alike! Currently we’re sat enjoying hot chocolate and cookies whilst chatting about our evening. We’ve had the bunjee trampolining and lifeline tonight. Lifeline is a brilliant assault course around the forest that you complete in pairs... the catch being that one of you is blindfolded! We all had great fun telling our partners to ‘DUCK, TREE!’ or ‘Lift your legs up over the log’... even though there wasn’t anything there! Everyone looked very silly! We’d also like to say a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Frankie! It’s been lush spending the day celebrating together and Frankie has described his birthday at 4D as “VERY FUN, FUNNY and EXCITING!”

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