Art & Design

At Langney Primary School, we want children to enjoy being expressive in Art.  We encourage pupils to work creatively and promote opportunities to develop key skills in their sketchbooks, which they take from Year 1 to Year 6. This year pupils throughout the school have begun working in their sketch books to record and explore their ideas. A range of creative opportunities are always promoted in Reception working towards the Early learning Goals.

We focus on painting, drawing and 3D sculpture, following the National Curriculum for Art and Design.

We develop skills in these three areas through focusing on:

OBSERVATION: developing pupils’ ability to ‘see’ the world.

SKILLS & TECHNIQUES: interpreting and creating art in different ways, personal to them.

CREATIVITY & IMAGINATION: not simply ‘designing’ but training pupils to think in a deeper way and refine what they do.

KNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTANDING: to acquire and apply knowledge of art, craft and design, and how it works and use this to develop their own artistic thinking.

EVALUATING: making sensitive choices about their work and refining as they work.

APPLYING: applying art to different situations and seeing how it fits into the wider world. Design, commissions, public art, personal art, commercial art, fine art, illustration, craft, ceramics, architecture, film.

We ensure that our art is taught through a flow of research, teaching of discrete skills, exploring, creating a final piece and evaluating to ensure that we are harnessing all these points.