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Welcome to Reception

Welcome to Reception
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Children thrive when they are in a secure, caring and stimulating environment, and here at Langney, children are challenged, nurtured and taught to have respect for themselves and one another. We have high expectations with regard to standards of work and behaviour and aim to instil, in all pupils, a thirst for learning and a desire to succeed.


We believe in truly awe-inspiring learning.  Through a compressive curriculum, dedicated staff and a commitment to provide the best care and attention possible to every single child every, we believe that Langney Primary Academy is the right place for your child.  We aim to develop a close relationship between home and school, and to work together with you in furthering your child’s education. Every child coming into the school brings with them a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the world around them, and together we aim to build on these skills and encourage them to develop a willingness and enthusiasm to discover more.

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