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Sports Premium


At Langney Academy Primary we believe Physical Education and Sport plays an important role with the potential to change young people’s lives for the better.

The purpose of the funding is to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE, physical activity and sport at LPA, to ensure that all young people have the opportunity to live healthy and active lives.

Our present motto “Active Body, Healthy Mind” was launched in Spring 2019, but for many years prior to this, we had focussed on promoting PE and active lifestyles at LPA.

We use our Sports Premium funding in a strategic and methodical manner. We canvass pupil, family and staff voice to provide aspirational opportunities, state of the art facilities and the highest quality teaching and learning. 

We provide an action plan every year to audit how we plan to take initiatives forward. We also measure impact with a detailed analysis of prior plans. These are found below.



  • Raised profile of PE & Sport across the school by all stakeholders.

  • Specialist Teaching for all areas of the National Curriculum (competitive sport, gymnastics, dance) that has been sustained by school budget

  • State of the art facilities & resources such as our “Run the World” perimeter track, Outside Gym and Orienteering Mapped School site.  

  • Key Focus on Swimming and Water Safety. All Key Stage 2 classes receive a term of swimming to boost water confidence. We are situated one mile from the coast and this is an essential, potentially life saving skill that we feel we MUST provide.

  • Talent Discovery and strong sporting pathways through an enhanced extra curricular provision, community club link provision and our bespoke ‘Swale Scholars’ programme.

  • Wide-ranging extra-curricular activities for all age groups. 

  • Enhanced opportunities for disadvantaged children through targeting and supporting disadvantaged pupils for specific roles and clubs.

  • “Sports Crew” pupil leadership group launched in 2015 and sustained every year as pupils develop essential transferable life skills through sports leadership.

  • Bronze School Games Award gained.

  • Increased participation and success in inter school competition in a broader range of sport and activities.



We will continue to use this grant to keep our PE exciting and at the forefront; in addition to improving facilities, equipment and resources.  We consider our goals to be sustainable as they will benefit the pupils by ensuring they are always exposed to exceptional teaching, using high quality equipment and facilities, are always challenged and making progress in every lesson. In addition our pupils will always access the highest quality of coaching from outside agencies and/or schools. This will continue for the future years, not just this academic year, particularly as our relationship with other schools and sporting facilities continue to grow.

Please see this year's plan for our detailed priorities and how will actualise these.

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