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Ethos & Values

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Langney Primary Academy has built a strong reputation for its caring and inclusive environment.  Due to the strength of staff skills and knowledge of the inclusion / pastoral teams, Langney Primary Academy is a popular choice for parents; particularly parents of children with special educational needs and disabilities.


At Langney Primary Academy , children ‘come first’ and there are ‘high expectations’ of all our pupils.


Children at Langney Primary Academy receive the support they need to do well regardless of physical, learning and emotional barriers.  As a result of our strong reputation for inclusion, the school is highly recommended by SEN professionals.  This has resulted in the proportion of disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs attending the school being above the national average.

Due to the school’s current drive on raising standards and ‘dedication to excellence’ in academics and other disciplines, the Swale Scholars enrichment programme for our high attaining pupils is also very quickly gaining recognition.  Founded upon personalised learning principles, the school is adept at challenging pupils, regardless of their starting points.


At the heart of inclusion, is how caring and attentive staff are to the needs of every child.  Staff at all levels genuinely care for every single pupil at Langney Primary Academy, which helps to foster its ‘extended family feel.’ This attitude of welcome amongst staff is reflected in relationships at all levels including between pupils.  Langney pupils share a welcoming approach and demonstrate acceptance, understanding and tolerance of individual differences and hold positive perceptions of diversity and of pupils with disabilities.​​



The implicit values that the children and staff display are a key strength of the school. 


As a result of stakeholder consultation, we have five core values which encapsulate our school and will serve as moral codes of conduct underpinning how we, as a school community, should all interact with each other. They act as guides and reminders for our behaviour.

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Positivity - Have a positive attitude and confront problems with a positive approach.


Aspiration - Aim high in all that you do.


Forgiveness - To stop feeling anger toward someone who has done something wrong.  Part of forgiveness is telling the other person how their speech or actions made you feel, to help them not to repeat the action.


Mutual Respect - Treat others the way you want to be treated (even if they haven't been kind to you).


Appreciation - Being grateful for what we have, rather than being upset or unhappy for what we don't have.

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