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Visions & Aims

At LPA, the children’s awe inspiring learning experiences and their health and wellbeing underpin our drive in being a Centre of Excellence for all. Our six key drivers indicate how well we know and serve our whole, rich and diverse community. We are proud to be a Flagship School and a beacon of positivity in the locality and celebrate our warmth and caring relationships with families.


We actively research the latest successes around the globe and pilot cutting edge teaching and learning. Our children therefore receive current, vibrant learning experiences such as being transported to pyramids in Egypt or to the Great Barrier Reef through our VR sets. The National Curriculum is just the start point for us as we exceed these levels in Foreign Languages, Music, Physical Education, Computing and introducing KS3 essay Writing in Year 6 preparing the children for their next step.


Our passion for providing outstanding learning in ALL subjects is deep rooted (since 2014) as investment in facilities, expertise, resources and enrichment is spread across ALL subjects. We lead the way in all branches of learning with an embedded model of specialist subjects where knowledge and skills are blended with expertise and true passion that ignites aspiration. Bespoke, high quality Continuing Professional Development drives this relentless improvement, developing staff members interests and attributes, no matter of role or career stage.



Every child has a “genius ability,” often more than one. We are adamant about unlocking every ability in our pupils. To succeed in unlocking hidden talents, we offer the widest and varied array of learning experiences - in and outside the classroom. We realise this potential and actively promote and encourage continuation of this journey by connecting families and children with aspirational next steps.


Our SWALE Scholars Programme harnesses the potential of our gifted and talented children in such an exciting and dynamic way. Children strive to be a scholar and show their genius across our subjects.



When children can fully relate and are enjoying learning their topics, reading challenging texts, learning about amazing BAME successes they are more likely to show excellence.
We are proud as a school to deliver both excellent standards through an inspiring, unique learning curriculum where children truly foster their love for learning. 

Our bespoke LPA curriculum that we have written to realise our vision enables children to make accelerated progress from 2 years old, developing their personal qualities and motivations, to achieving their full potential at 11 years old and for furthermore.


We enable children to be excited and inspired to fervently pursue future new careers. We ignite this through every subject, exciting events, trips and key speakers including train drivers, engineers, designers and NHS. We challenge gender equality whilst exposing children to rich and nourishing experiences around the opportunities of later life.

Character education is developed and underpinned by promoting the key transferable skills of Communication, Self-Management, Creative Problem Solving & Collaboration.


Horizons are broadened for our pupils as cultural capital inside each and every child is developed and entwined in all we do, driven initially through our High Five School Values and British Values.



Our motto of “Active Body, Healthy Mind” encourages all children and adults to be physically active to support positive mental health. This is realised through staff being healthy role models in all dimensions including daily exercise, healthy eating, developing self esteem and sleep habits. We presently hold the “Wellbeing Award for Schools” as recognition of our sustained work in supporting families, staff and pupils wellbeing. 

Our own 5 Ways to Wellbeing influence self supporting and developing resilience in us all. 

We take every opportunity in and out of lessons to promote spiritual, moral, cultural and social elements of wellbeing. Our active PTA and Wellbeing Warrior pupil leaders join staff for our Change Team as we together move forward and drive on new and exciting initiatives.

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