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Extra Curricular Activities


At Langney Primary Academy, we are committed to the provision and investment of wide ranging extra-curricular opportunities for our pupils, of all ages.  

We strongly believe that extra-curricular clubs provide the opportunity for children to explore and discover hidden talents; as well as enrich those talents that have already been identified. We offer a range of clubs, academic and non-academic, which gives the  chance for all children to shine outside of the classroom.

Comparable to the private education sector, at present our school offers an optional extended school day with 30+ after school clubs to select from.  The clubs are led by school staff as well as outside providers.  The range of clubs change three times per year (September, January and April) and are often determined by observed children’s interests.  Recently for example, a hula hooping club was initiated because learning tricks became a craze on the playground.

From ballet to basketball and art to archery, there’s an after school activity on offer for every child. The best thing about our after school clubs is they’re brilliant for all sorts of reasons – not just learning a new skill.  They are extremely popular and as a result we have recently initiated a number of free before school clubs too (in addition to our popular Breakfast Club).


The list of clubs at Langney Primary Academy is almost endless!  There are clubs for almost anything you can imagine.  There’s so many to choose from, it’s tempting to try them all.  As a large school, our clubs are often oversubscribed and there are waiting lists for some clubs.  Attendance records are kept for each club and we have a strict policy that if a child does not attend 3 club sessions within one term, they will lose their place to the next person on the waiting list.

Please click here for our current club provision, including costs, club details and times.

Positive parental feedback is always given about the range of clubs that are afforded to our Langney Primary pupils for the following reasons:

  • The clubs are significantly cheaper than other forms of childcare;

  • Parents have peace of mind that their child is in a safe, protected environment;

  • Clubs are on school premises, making easy collection;

  • Clubs instil a sense of continuity and security in a child, which is reinforced when school friends attend the club as well.


Everything Langney does is based on research evidence.  Research shows that extra-curricular activities improve academic levels.  Every leading study demonstrates that academic grades actually improve when children participate in outside school clubs. We also believe that extra-curricular clubs are not only great for improving academic levels, but also for developing other important life skills.

“It’s brilliant for developing social skills, dealing with new environments, talking to different adults and mixing with different children.  But best of all, after school clubs are confidence building.”

There are a myriad of other benefits:

Team sports on offer like football, rugby, and netball are not only brilliant for keeping children active but also helping them learn team work where they can begin to appreciate what’s good for the whole team, rather than just thinking of themselves.

Competitive sports are also great for learning difficult life lessons like being a gracious winner - and loser. But for team building clubs with a less competitive edge, we offer clubs such as drama, production, rock school and dance.

Learning a musical instrument is great for discovering the art of practice, patience and persistence. Drama clubs are great for shy children who learn to find their voice singing and acting alongside others, while ballet and dance is great for children to learn discipline and self-expression.

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