At Langney Primary School we have certainly embraced the aims of the 2014 Music  Curriculum to ‘inspire pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians.’


Building upon the musical talents of many staff along with the children’s love for singing, we work towards becoming a ‘Centre of Music Excellence.’  To do this we teach regular music sessions and whole school singing as well as in years 5 and 6 working alongside expert teachers from the East Sussex Music Service to provide a high quality music education within a primary school.



As part of their class, ALL children in Years 1 and 2 have weekly music lessons, using the latest award winning software ‘Charanga’. This supports all the requirements of the new National Curriculum.  The learning within this scheme is based on:  Listening and Appraising; Creating and Exploring; and Singing and Performing.



The children learn songs that cover various styles of music as well as opportunities to pick up and be aware of musical vocabulary. They will begin to play tuned and un-tuned instruments.


As part of their class, all children in Years 5 and 6 learn to play a brass instrument with support from an expert. Initially the children learn to play the trumpet and move on in Year 6 to the P-bone (a child friendly version of the trombone). These instruments are taken home each week and during the school holidays in order to practise.

For children who have been identified as having natural talent, they are encouraged to have smaller group lessons in order to play a brass instrument at a higher level.


As part of their class, children undertake weekly music sessions, also using ‘Charanga’ software.


The children learn about musical notation and have many opportunities to play and perform in solo or ensemble contexts.


For children who have been identified as having natural talent, they are encouraged to have smaller group lessons in order to play a woodwind instrument at a higher level (e.g. recorder, flute, clarinet, saxophone, piccolo, oboe, bassoon).


We have a wonderful sports hall that the children are able to use with a range of climbing and balancing equipment.  The children also have access to our wooden ‘trim trail’ where they can practise, refine and demonstrate their balancing and climbing skills independently.  The children  are encouraged to create their own balancing courses and routes in their independent play, using a range of equipment such as crates, wooden planks and balance stones.  

In the Nursery the children benefit from small group teaching of ‘Balanceability’ to use a balance bike and  move onto learning how  to use a pedal bike.  We have a range of techniques and resources which develop fine and gross motor skills. 

Children are encouraged to use mark making materials during their play, both large and small scale and refine these skills to become independent writers. 


If your child is interested in learning to play a string instrument (violin, viola, cello, bass) or guitar, small group tuition at school can easily be arranged through the East Sussex Music Service.  Please note however, these additional lessons are not free of charge and the cost varies depending on family circumstances.




In addition, we also have our very own award winning choir. The choir is led by expert teachers from the East Sussex Music service. 


For those children who would like to explore a different genre of music we are also have our very own Rock School! 


Inspired by the legends of rock, interested children will meet weekly after school in order to appreciate this style, develop an understanding of the history of this music, rehearse songs and even write some of their own material!