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Online Safety Poster Competition


Online Safety Poster Competition: Be Webwise!

Exciting News!  We are launching a competition to create awesome posters that teach everyone about online safety!

And the Grand Prize?
Three lucky winners, chosen from the overall best posters, will soar to victory with a fantastic indoor drone!


Who can enter?
Everyone from Reception through year 6!

What are the categories?
Each year group will have a different theme to focus on, so your poster can be extra creative and age-appropriate. 
Here are the themes:
•    Reception: "Cyber Superhero!" - Who are the grown-ups you should tell if you don’t like what you see online?
•    Year 1: "Sharing is Caring, But Not Online!" - What kind of information shouldn't we share on the internet, like our address or phone number?
•    Year 2: "Password Power!" - Why are strong passwords important and how can we make them?
•    Year 3: "Cyberbullying Busters!" - What is cyberbullying and what can we do if we see it happening?
•    Year 4: "The Wise Gamer!" – Are all games appropriate for all ages?  (Tip: Don’t forget to include PEGI Ratings!)
•    Year 5: "Social Media Savvy!" - How to be kind and respectful online.  Who can you talk to if you see something mean?
•    Year 6: "You Are Unique!" - Why is it important to be yourself online and how can we stay safe on social media?

What should the posters include?
A catchy title related to your theme.
Bright colours and pictures to grab everyone's attention.
Year-group theme appropriate.
Clear and simple messages about staying safe online.

How to enter:
Entry forms will be handed out Friday, 22nd March.
You can create your poster on a piece of A4 paper or create it digitally, using any art program or online programs such as Canva.  Digital copies should be emailed to  For paper posters, write your name, year group, and class on the back of your poster. Hand your finished poster to your teacher by April 15th, the first day back in Term 5.

A panel of teachers and Digital Leaders will judge the posters. They will look for creativity, clarity of message, and how well the poster addresses the specific year group's theme.

Three fantastic posters from each year group will be displayed around the school for everyone to admire!  These will also be displayed in the local paper.  Three overall winners, ones that truly capture online safety, will receive an amazing prize: an indoor drone!

Let's all work together to be safe and responsible explorers online!


Good luck with your entries!

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