“We need better science education to secure a strong foundation for a successful and technological society” Maintaining Curiosity – Ofsted report 2013

With this statement in mind, Science is definitely core at Langney Primary School. Many of our topics have science as the main driving force ensuring that it is taught regularly and consistently throughout the year.

To ensure coverage  of the new Science Curriculum we follow a highly recommended scheme of work (Kent Scheme of Work). This scheme contains 28 units of study. Each of these units of study has been assigned to a particular Year group in line with the guidance from the National Curriculum (2014). Suggestions have been made as to possible best times of year to study some of the units, as well as when different aspects of learning within a unit will need to be taught.

“Pupils in our school need to discover the concepts revealed through scientific phenomena and conducting experimental investigations for themselves” Maintaining Curiosity – Ofsted report 2013. 

Throughout each and every unit of study the emphasis is on the children learning by doing. In accordance with the constructivist theory of learning, the units encourage the teachers to provide activities that will enable the children to test their previously held ideas. In doing so, they will also be encouraged to develop a bank of skills and an understanding of the processes required to be able to do good science. In every unit of work the most suitable aspects of the statutory requirements for Working Scientifically have been selected. Each of these requirements are thoroughly covered throughout both of the Key Stages.

We have developed outside areas to support the science curriculum including an Environmental Area with a bird hide, pond and a selection of interesting and diverse habitats. We have raised flower beds where the children are able to plant and can see vegetables growing in addition to a flourishing herb garden. Produce from both of these are then used for our weekly “Let’s Get Cooking” sessions. The after school Gardening Club is in charge of watering and pruning of these valuable resources.

For those who want a little built more science there is an after school club where teachers continue to bring science to life above and beyond the curriculum.

At Langney Primary School we ensure that all our children have “the high quality science education which provides the foundations for understanding the world.” (National Curriculum 2014).