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Year 6 Trip To Chessington

There were screams. There were shouts. There were whoops of delight...and that was just on the journey there!

After a long and arduous 3 hour journey that tested our patience (and our bladders!), we arrived at Chessington World of Adventures for our Year 6 treat after enduring the 'joys' of SATS week.

The weather was warm and overcast and the children were alive with excitement and enthusiasm...and so were the adults - especially Miss Crane!

There were many tales of bravery and thrill-seeking throughout the day: Adam conquered the Kobra, Kristian conquered the vampire and Mr. Beale conquered...ahem...Professor Burp's Bubble Works!

As a group, we saw rhinos and giraffes on Zufari - and even had to stop the truck for the (bad joke warning) zebra crossing! We rode the Rattlesnake, screamed on the Scorpion, got drenched on Dragon's Fall, felt the magic of Hocus Pocus Hall and vanquished the Vampire!

We walked a lot and ate / drank way too much for any normal human being and laughed and screamed until our ribs the end of the day our feet were sore from walking, our voices hoarse from the shouting and screaming and our hearts were happy from all the fun we had crammed into one day...needless to say the coach was a much quiet place on the way home...apart from Miss Crane telling everybody about the unicorn that she won!

Year 6 had an awesome day and we would all, from the bottom of our fun-filled hearts, like to say a MASSIVE thanks to all the parental helpers and school staff that gave up their valuable time to help us on this trip.

Written By Mr. Beale (UKS2 Phase Achievement Leader and Year 6 Class Teacher)

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