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Year 4 - Term 5 Fabulous Finish

Year four have been studying the work of the British sculptor Andy Goldsworthy. We have created art from found natural and manufactured materials, even freezing some in ice to watch it melt!

On Tuesday 24th May, we had our Fabulous Finish and invited our wonderful parents to help create a large sculpture from materials we had brought in. First, we did a presentation to the adults about Andy Goldsworthy's art and the artwork we had been creating, and then we got stuck in! It was a lot of fun and very messy!

We thought it was a real shame that our art was only temporary, but we reflected that Andy Goldsworthy must like creating art in this way because it is always changing, it reminds us that nothing lasts forever and it gives him the chance to create fresh, new pieces all the time.​

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