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Residential Trip Update 3

Yesterday was another awesome day. Canoeing on the reservoir, scrambling on 135 million year old sandstone rocks, archery and indoor rock wall climbing. . .

We're all so proud of the kids for their effort and enthusiasm and willingness to try things. After an 'interesting' Monday for Tiegan, she's found her groove and is really supporting her group and giving everything a good go. Couple of home sick kids yesterday (and adults), the activities and the tuck shop have changed their minds and all is good. The bonding, teamwork and friendship have really shone through and sitting in the sun yesterday evening watching the kids chill, play Frisbee and chat brought a tear to my eye!

You'll also be glad to hear that the kids are also correcting the grammar of the instructors and school staff. . .our work here is done!

They are such a lovely bunch of kids it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside!

Camp fire tonight so I'm sure Mr Doo has been working on a couple of things!

Bye for now,

From Mr. Beale

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