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Keeping Safe Around Dogs

Dogs Trust delivered an assembly this week to all classes with a focus on 'how to be safe around dogs.'

We learned that when we meet a new dog and want to pet it we should always:

1) Ask the dog's owner if you can stroke the dog;

2) Allow the dog to sniff the back of your clenched fist;

3) Ask the owner where the dog likes to be stroked.

We also learned that if a dog that you do not know ever runs towards you, you should NEVER run away as it will chase you. Instead you should do the following key things which Dogs Trust called 'Do The X Factor:'

1) Stop! Stand still. Keep quiet and calm.

2) If you are carrying anything like food or a ball, throw it away from you.

3) Make fists with both hands and cross them over your chest like an X.

4) Don't stare at the dog as it will make the dog feel threatened. Instead, look up a the sky.

5) The dog will eventually leave you alone as you are no longer doing anything interesting. Then you can walk away quietly and safely.

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