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Year 1 Beach Day

Who needs the Costa del Sol when we live on the Sunshine Coast?! On Monday 6th June, Year 1 brought the beach to Langney. Shorts, flip flops and the odd Hawaiian shirt were the uniform for the day and the Year 1 department was filled with the aroma of sunscreen!

We started the day by making our own kites and then enjoyed an ice-cream as a playtime treat, at which point the day was declared, by the children, as "the best day ever!" We continued our seaside craft theme by making a 'bloom' of jellyfish that are now proudly displayed in our classrooms.

Thanks to the Friends of Langney, we were able to have our lunch sitting on the shingle beach. We then spent the afternoon playing seaside games, such as beach volleyball and splashing about in the water. Our day was rounded off nicely when all of the children got to fly their kites outside. The weather was on our side! A perfect day at the seaside was had by all.

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