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A Picnic Fit For A Queen!

Our wonderful cook, Jill, organised a picnic lunch for the Queen’s 90th Birthday. Together with the PTA, the kitchen team encouraged pupils to take part in a drawing competition. Jill had a hard time picking the winners, who all got to pick a prize from the PTA Goodie Bag or a new book from the Tuck Inn!

The winners were as follows:

Daisy - Nursery

Charlie & Tatiana - Reception

Daisy May & Scarlett -Year 1

Evie - Year 2

Paige - Year 2

Oliver - Year 3

Ruby - Year 3

Georgia - Year 4

Alex - Year 4

Kai p - Year 5

Harley - Year 5

Tia - Year 6

Tobias - Year 6

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