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Year 5 Term 6 Fabulous Finish

The children in Year 5 began their first lessons for brass instrument in September 2015. It has been an interesting journey; it did take them a few weeks to master how the P-Bone is put together! However, the skills that the children showed off were phenomenal. Year 5 have worked incredibly hard and not only have they learned how to play the P-Bone, they have also begun to read sheet music!

Staff and parents alike were in awe as the children played their favourite four songs from the year. They began their Fabulous Finish with Hippo Blues; moved on to Pease Pudding Hot; which was followed by Start & stop; and finished with the very exciting Ta Dah!

We would just like to reiterate to the children how proud we are of their musical talents. Their progress and enthusiasm over the year has, as always, been overwhelming. Equally, both staff and children would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Mr. Plant from the East Sussex Music Service, who teaches the children every Tuesday. Knowing how musically talented Miss Post and Miss Paine are, we are sure that without Mr. Plant P-Bone lessons wouldn't have been half as effective!

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