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Year 6 Smuggler Adventure

On Thursday 20th October, Year 6 completed the final part of their Smugglers' adventure by visiting St Clements Caves in Hastings. The children (and teachers) were very excited to be visiting the home of smuggling along the South Coast. The caves were so dark and scary that Miss Crane needed a torch and Mr Beale cried for his Mummy! Fortunately, all of the children were there to look after them and make sure they didn't have nightmares. There were lots of things to see including: the Monk's Walk (very long and very dark and VERY scary!); the Chapel (less long, less dark, MORE scary!) and finally the delightful treat of the rotting corpse of a captured smuggler dangling in a gibbet cage - BEYOND SCARY! However, nothing was as scary as the seagulls on Hastings Beach!

A fantastic time was had by all and the behaviour of all children was exemplary!

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