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Google Expeditions come to Langney Primary School

Pupils at Langney Primary School were treated to a visit from Google, who were showcasing their ‘Google Expeditions’ program.

Google Expeditions allows pupils to travel the world to over 300 destinations, right from the classroom. With the teacher acting as a guide, children are immersed in a 3600 virtual world environment of 3D images. From Machu Picchu, to the Great Barrier Reef to the Kruger National Park in South Africa; children were mesmerized by birds flying overhead, elephants standing behind them and tropical fish swimming around them.

Poppy, in Year 3, said, “Virtual reality is amazing. I was right next to a stingray and then I realised there was a shark right behind me. It made me jump!”

Langney Primary’s Lead Computing Teacher, Mark Dawson, said, “We are always looking to make our curriculum as dynamic and engaging as possible and the use of virtual reality is something we are keen to explore the potential of. We embrace the use of technology to positively impact our pupils’ learning. Adding virtual reality to our already broad arsenal of digital skills is a very exciting prospect.”

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