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Year 3 Mad Science Workshop (Fabulous Finish Term 4 2017)

On Tuesday 28 March, Year 3 became mad scientists and invited their parents to come and see inside our 'Wacky Science Workshop'. Each of the three classrooms had a different science experiment for parents and pupils to investigate together.

Parents and children took part in the 'The Bottle Band' experiment where bottles with different amounts of water were hit to change the pitch.

Moving on they made 'Colourful Creations' from milk, skillets, food colouring and washing up liquid to make some amazing effects.

Then the children saw 'The Raving Raisins' dance. By simply adding lemonade the raisins started to jump up and down all over the place!

A rather more smelly activity was 'The Eggsperiment' which involved leaving an egg in vinegar for over 24 hours so they became bouncy and squishy.

Then the children and parents got to rest at "Mrs Walton's Cocktail Bar" but these liquids were not for consumption. Instead the oil, water, liquid soap and syrup rested on top of each other due to their density.

Things then got a bit chilly at the "Frozen" stall where children added salt and water to try and melt the iced hands faster.

Finally "The Slime Station" was very popular with both children and adults. If you tried to hit the slime it would act like a solid but if you dip your fingers in slowly it would act like a liquid!

Thank you to all the parents that came and thank you to all the children for being such fantastic scientists.

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