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Year 5 Bush Tucker Trial

This afternoon Angkor Wat travelled to Australasia for their Fabulous Finish - a Bush Tucker Trial! Unfortunately Ant and Dec weren't there to laugh at us along the way - but Miss Post definitely gave it a good go!

We began the afternoon by preparing the gruesome snacks; which we then enjoyed watching each other eat once our brave families had come in to visit.

During the afternoon, everyone (including parents!) tried some crunchy insects; creepy crawlies in houmous; wriggly spiders; slimy snails and bugs; and some ladybird toast!

After demolishing each tasty snack, the children were asked to rate what they had eaten, as well as identifying what they liked and disliked about it. After tough competition, it became clear our favourite was the crunchy insect biscuits!

We would like to thank our parents for their amazing contributions towards the afternoon through our homelearning - which meant that we really looked the part! Additionally, a huge thank you to the playleaders and TAs who kindly gave up their Monday afternoons to support us with our cooking skills. Finally, an ENORMOUS thank you to Mrs Harman, who planned each of our cooking lessons as well as organised our Bush Tucker Trial!

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