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Year 6 Activity Week: Bowling Fun

The first day of our activity week was spent bowling at The Lanes in Hampden Park.

With the morning sun shining upon us, we set off just after 9am for a relaxed walk to the David Lloyd Centre. Once there, teams were made, lanes were assigned and the first of 2 games of bowling began!

Some 'interesting' bowling techniques were observed - with some being more successful than others! The strikes and spares came thick and fast as the points started adding up. (Friendly) competition was rife between the teams and rumours of a 'lucky' bowling ball began to surface.

The second game br

ought more of the same with some children experimenting with their throws in a bid to bag more points. For many of the teams, it was only in the last round that the final scores and positions were decided!

After both games, the children refueled with a tasty lunch of a burger and chips. The walk back - which was surprisingly quicker than the one there - involved a detour to the local park where the children continued to enjoy their time playing together.

All in all it was an excellent first day enjoyed by all the children and adults alike; we eagerly await our day tomorrow, which will involve pizza making at Frankie and Benny's.

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