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Raising Aspirations - Year 6 Graduate at Sussex University

On Tuesday 13th June, Year 6 visited the University of Sussex to mark the end of the 'Explorer's Programme' - a project aimed at raising aspirations in Primary School children - which they have been participating in since Year 5.

The session began in one of the University's largest lecture theatres - it is so large it can seat almost 500 students at any one time! The children took part in an interactive quiz where they learnt that you can complete a degree in almost anything - Viking Studies and computer game design being just two examples! We also discovered that the oldest student currently on roll at the university is 83 years old!

From there the children were split into smaller groups and were then led on a tour of the entire campus. During the tour, the children were shown where the different seminars and lectures take place; the library which holds over 750,000 books; the student union; the sports complex and even a flat in one of the halls of residence! The children learnt a lot about the university, including the fact that many of the campus buildings were designed to look like particular objects; the library building specifically, was designed to look like an open book.

After lunch, the children were treated to a Physics/Mathematics taster lesson, where they learnt how Maths can be used to predict the spread of bacteria and diseases. The children blew their teachers away - and some of the university lecturers - with their enthusiasm and knowledge!

The day came to an end with a graduation ceremony, in which all of the children wore gowns and a mortarboard! They each received a standing ovation from their classmates and teachers as they received a certificate to mark their graduation from the 'Explorer's Programme.'

As with every trip the children have gone on this year, the children were impeccably behaved at all times and an asset to the school. They left the University inspired and full of aspirations for the future!

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