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WW1 Memorial Trip

On Tuesday, Mr Pickford, six Year 6 pupils and Miss Pollard visited the WW1 Memorials in Hailsham. First, we visited Badger's Cottage, the little home of Nelson Victor Carter's family. We then investigated those commemorated on the Hailsham War Memorial, concentrating on three other local men involved in the Battle of Boar's Head, alongside Nelson.

Next came a visit to St Mary's Church where we marveled at the old flags and searched for the names of those we had been learning about - Gilbert Colarossi, Claude Toye and David Parsons - on the plaque inside.

Back outside we looked at old photographs to work out where Gilbert Colarossi had once lived and then moved on to Hailsham Community College, attended by Gilbert and Nelson (and Miss Pollard!). Two HCC pupils presented the history of the school and their WW1 plaque and we took the opportunity to tell them all about Nelson and Gilbert! Mrs Brown, the Vice-Principal, was very impressed with our knowledge!

Finally, we visited the Hailsham Cemetery to learn about military graves and to find out which of the soldiers we had been learning about were buried there. Ask one of the pupils who went if you would like to know the answer!

Harley - "What I enjoyed most was going to Badger's Cottage because we got to see where Nelson lived."

Ella - "I learned that Gilbert wasn't killed at the Battle of Boar's Head."

Summer - "My favourite part was where we found out facts about new people."

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