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Secret Soldier Stones

Last week our Year 4 pupils created stones to represent soldiers of the First World War. These stones - all one hundred and eighteen of them - were 'hidden' by staff members in the hope that the children might understand a little bit of what it felt like to wait for the soldiers to come home.

Yesterday, we were visited by the great niece of two World War One soldiers, who had found and kindly returned one of our stones. As we were standing in the trench corridor talking about her great uncles, one of whom died on the Somme and the other, eleven days before Armistice, Nicole walked by and identified the returned stone as her own!

Thank you to all who have found and returned stones. Please do come to our exhibition on Friday 4 May in the Sports Hall to see the stones that have made it back and some of the lovely letters that have been written by members of the public.

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