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Primary Olympics

What could be more exciting for a group of Year 5 athletes, than the Primary School Olympic event organised and kindly hosted by St Andrews Prep School? Certainly nothing came to mind as the children boarded the minibus and happily waited for the day to unfold. The sky was blue and as the students left in the vehicle, there was no delay as they were whisked away to the sports clubhouse which nestled comfortably into the the downs. Joining them were teams from several other local schools and of course the hosts St Andrews. A challenging morning comprising of 4 different events was their focus. Our children took part in a program consisting of Basketball, Fives, Hockey and even a spot of Croquet on the Headmaster's lawn! Needless to say they excelled, even those who had never heard of Croquet before. After all that activity, the students were naturally feeling hungry. It was mid-summer, so naturally a barbeque seemed like the sensible option. The weather had other ideas but fortunately the barbeque was sheltered and the rain didn't ruin the meal. Refreshed and replenished, it was time for an afternoon of field events. 100 metre and 200 metre sprints, a foam javelin event, long jump and bowling. Each student pushed their limit and certainly gave their all for their team. As things drew to a close, awards were given for the winning team. Although the students had been mixed up, it was heartening to witness that they had already developed a togetherness over the day. Langney can be proud of the participants, there was not a cross word heard all day, and every child tried their utmost in each event and with good humour. They returned to school with new found sporting skills, new knowledge of the sports they had taken part in and new friends from different Eastbourne schools.

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