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AMEX for Wellbeing Warriors

As part of our school drive to increase awareness of Health and Wellbeing, Langney Primary was proud to send newly chosen Wellbeing Warriors to the Amex Community Stadium, Brighton, for a day of training. Led by a teacher from Albion In The Community, the warriors learnt, through his excellent explanations and thought-provoking games, all about the 5 Ways To Wellbeing: Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give. It is to their credit that although the pace and content was challenging, all of our Warriors, who have each been chosen for their ability to help their classmates, gave full concentration throughout the morning and most definitely came away from the event equipped to take up their role in September. After all of that hard work, our party was rewarded by being taken on a tour of the stadium. Many of the children had not been to a stadium before and were surprised by the myriad of twisting corridors and conference rooms. They were delighted to take a seat in the managers media chair and enjoyed visiting the players changing room. Mr Poston remarked to Miss Skinner that there would imminently be a 'Wow' sound as the children climbed the stairs for a view of the pitch. Sure enough, 'WOW' echoed around the ground as did the cry of 'Seagulls!' due to the encouragement from our tour guide. Most of us endured the vertigo-inducing heights of the Upper West Stand and were quite glad to return to a more sensible level. Albion In the Community provided a packed day of learning, which was both fun and informative. Langney's Wellbeing Warriors have started their journey very well and will surely be a great asset to the school!

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