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EYFS Parent Workshop

Building the Picture: EYFS Parent Workshop, Thursday 17th October

Thank you to all of the nursery and reception parents who came along to the workshop this morning. You were so receptive and a great group to work with. It was lovely to do the ‘Marvellous Me’ activity with you, and to find out all of those wonderful things about the children. Details and access codes to start receiving observations from school and for you to send in your observations are coming very soon.

Olly the Octopus again (the eight optimum times to observe children. (With thanks to the ESCC Early Years Improvement Team and their Observation, Assessment, Planning and Evaluation Toolkit.)

This is the link to the 50 Things to do before you are 5 website

Here is a link to the ‘What to Expect When?’ child development guidance and activities

I really look forward to the next workshop with you in term 2 which is going to be all about outdoor learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage and will include the chance to join your children in the nursery and reception classes to share in some fun activities.

Mr Townsend

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