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AMEX Careers Trip

Fifteen excited participants from Monarch Butterfly and Orangutan classes travelled by train to a day of career training. The hosts were the excellent charitable arm of Brighton and Hove Albion, Albion In The Community. What better location to inspire 100 students on their path to a career, than the high quality, sporting environment of the American Express Community Stadium?They joined with other schools from across Eastbourne for a day where aspirations were heightened, expectations were raised and new possibilities were explored. Rob Josephs, the schools manager from Albion In The Community, equipped the children with a series of small sessions and activities based upon individual personal development. What I would change in the world, Three things I want from life, Comfort Zones and Leadership Qualities were amongst the topics. A session on teamwork involved lifting cups from an ingenious array of intertwined string and a rubber band - the students really had to communicate well and take notice of their peers reactions to achieve success! After lunch, nine staff members took a question and answer session in which the children learned about the varied career paths of each representative. Our students left the Amex with broadened horizons and with a greater sense of direction. Even in Year 5, ambitions are formed and it is our hope that each child will employ their new understanding of the criteria for success in the workplace, in their studies here at Langney Primary Academy.

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