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Baton of Hope Relay

On Monday morning, we received a visit from Shinewater Primary School as it was their turn to pass over the Baton of Hope along with their artwork, a beautifully sculpted tree that contained inspirational messages hanging from the branches. After the School Council provided a guard of honour to mark their arrival, Shinewater's pupils were led to the hall where refreshments were provided and representatives our School Council, Art Ambassadors and our guests, enjoyed a feast on decorated tables. Phoebe and Josh, two Y6 councillors gave the visiting delegation an informative tour of our school which showcased Langney's unique attributes. It was now Langney's turn to act as custodian to the Baton!

On Tuesday, Year 6 School Councillors enjoyed a short trip, walking along the cycle path to Tollgate Junior School. The purpose of the visit? To deliver the precious artwork that represented the Art Ambassadors ideas around a theme of Hope, and of course to help the Baton of Hope on the next part of its multi-stage journey through many of Eastbourne's Primary Schools. Tollgate's welcome was overwhelming. Our School Council were greeted by applauding children and teachers, all along the bridge that led to their playground where the rest of the school was lined up around the perimeter, cheering and clapping as our Artwork was displayed and before the Baton was handed over to Tollgate's School Council who were assembled in the centre. Our gracious hosts led us to a log cabin, where we received much needed refreshment due to the warmth of the day. Our part in the story was coming to a close but we had very much enjoyed the undertaking. We look forward to seeing all the artwork from the 13 schools displayed together later in the year.

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