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Crest Superstar Award!

The final day of the Year 6 Science Scholars was a day each scholar will long remember. There were a series of challenges themed around Newton's 3rd Law which focused on 'For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction'.

The main task of the day was the most formidable test our young scientists were yet to face. They were instructed to build a rocket from an assortment of tubes, cardboard rings and damping materials. It was a delicate operation, but after a couple of hours work, each rocket was assembled complete with an operational parachute and most excitingly, gunpowder to power the rocket! Jane McCluskey took each rocket from the scholars then led the teams to the launch where she used a detonator to send the rocket skywards. Whoosh! The rockets shot upwards, travelling far into the sky before eventually the parachute deployed to give a slow descent across Shinewater Primary's playing field.

Our scholars achieved their goal - the day certainly ended with a bang!

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