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Hedgehog Homes!

On Thursday 27 February, some of our pupils and Mr Poston spent a lovely afternoon with some Age Concern volunteers from the Langney Shed at the Priory.

At the beginning of the school year, the whole school had had an assembly on conservation and hedgehogs were voted as the animal that most children would like to focus on. This shows how we demonstrate the British Value of "Democracy" at Langney.

As a result of this, the volunteers at Langney shed made six flat pack hedgehog homes ready for our school councillors (with the help of the volunteers) to put together using screwdrivers.

All the children had a great time working to put these beautiful homes together.

The next step will be for the school councillors to paint these homes, using waterproof paint. They will then take them up to the Priory and place them in the grounds and allow the hedgehogs to find their brand new homes! Watch this space!

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