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Marcus Rashford Book Club at LPA

Marcus Rashford MBE and Macmillan Children’s Books are delighted to be launching the Marcus Rashford Book Club this summer, with the help of Magic Breakfast.

The book club is a close collaboration between Marcus Rashford and Macmillan Children’s Books to promote a love of reading to KS2 children.

The mission is to increase children’s access to books outside of school. The hope is that every child will feel supported, represented and excited by the Book Club selection, helping them to develop literacy as a life skill and a love of reading for pleasure.

Every pupil in Year 5 has today been given a free copy of 'A Dinosaur Ate my Sister' by Pooja Puri. It is for them to keep. They do not have to return it to school. They also have a bookmark with a special quote from Marcus Rashford. This book is not available anywhere until next Monday, so we are very lucky to receive these books!

Happy Reading!!

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