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Maths SWALE Scholars!

Quadratic Equations remain a profound mystery to most people on this planet. However, this is not the case for our group of eminent Langney Mathematics Scholars who are following in the illustrious steps of ancient luminaries such as Archimedes, Euclid and more recently Descartes. SWALE Scholars from both Langney and Shinewater have been challenged and enlightened by the superb teaching of Mr Delamere at The Causeway School, who has not only led them into exciting new mathematical pastures, but who has additionally bamboozled them with many mathematical tricks. He also took them on a Simpsons murder hunt in which the perpetrator could only be revealed through the precise and accurate solving of devious equations! You will be pleased to know that Krusty the Clown is now detained at Her Majesty's Pleasure, so the streets are safe once more! Leading up to the end of term, our Scholars are preparing to demonstrate their newly gained mathematical prowess to their parents and families. If they continue to work as assiduously and apply themselves with as much enthusiasm, their families will surely be delighted!

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