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Science Scholars!

Our Year 4 Science Scholars spent a day wrestling with a variety of science problems at Shinewater Primary in the dedicated science suite. Directed and inspired through the expert teaching of Jane McCluskey, the children tested different quality tissue papers for both strength and absorptive properties. Another activity involved a rigorous test for finding the reflective qualities of different materials, materials that would aid visibility if used on clothing at night time. Finally, the children rolled unmarked cans and labelled cans, measuring the respective distances travelled, and found the mean average for each type of can. The students then had to see if they could predict what each of the unmarked cans contained. A Science Scholar's day is demanding, the pace of the day is unrelenting and each child is schooled in the process of recording results, interpreting the data and discovering answers to the problems in question. Our scholars left the day contented, they had fulfilled all of the challenges and had grown in knowledge and experience whilst their understanding of science had increased.

Well done Langney Science Scholars!

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