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Year 4 Science Scholars

Homemade sand timers and tea bags were early morning introductions for our Year 4 Science Scholars to construct and test. Once the 1 minute timer was created with plastic cups and sand, minds were focused on making the perfect brew using loose-leaf tea and a variety of different materials. Then the efficacy of the tea bag was checked as it was placed in warm water. The final experiment of the morning tested several pegs on a washing maiden; the objective was to find the peg with the strongest holding power. It is surprising just how much sand a sock on a peg can hold without trouble!

The afternoon session saw our scholars experimenting with bubble mixture and metal and rubber straws. Could it be determined whether one straw was more successful at making small or large bubbles, was there a way to make a longer lasting bubble, could they make differently coloured bubbles?

A happy final hour was spent in the sunshine exploring these possibilities. The scholars time at Shinewater had come to an end, but they left enriched by excellent teaching and due to the scientific method, test and experiment had become second nature.

Well done Langney Science Scholars!

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