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School Values Poster Competiton

The Langney School Council have recently consulted staff, parents and pupils on our new core school values which have been voted as: Positivity, Aspiration, Appreciation, Mutual Respect and Forgiveness.

The School Council have also recently run a competition for poster ideas, which will be professionally designed and printed. We had lots of fantastic ideas but we are pleased to announce that the winning poster design comes from the 'Broadway Family.'

The School Council says, "we thought the poster was catchy and the children will remember the school values easily as a result. The slogan HIGH FIVE TO OUR SCHOOL VALUES is fantastic and everyone will remember there are 5 school values, each one representing a finger. It also incorporates the definitions for each value and a reminder of the Rainbow Rules. It was a unanimous decision. Thank you to everyone who participated."

Well done, Broadway Family!

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