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Two Oscar Award Winners This Week!

This week, both Oscar Award Winners come from Mr. Beale's Heavy Metal Class. Here is what Mr. Beale said:

"The 2 children I have chosen represent all that is good about Langney School and are the personification of our new school values:

Mutual Respect: They are amongst the politest, friendliest and respectful children I have come across in 18 years of teaching: that's over 700 children I have taught and over 8000 that have been through the schools I have worked in!

Positivity: These 2 children are positive to all challenges and, at times, have found some areas very challenging but not once have I seen their heads go down and not once have I seen them give up and not once have I heard them complain that it's 'too hard'

Aspiration: I googled this and it says 'A hope or ambition of achieving something.' These 2 children have a truckload of ambition - they always want to do their best and achieve all that they can be - they are fantastic examples of how to keep trying and overcoming all obstacles in their path

Forgiveness: They have really helped other children to overcome friendship issues and misunderstandings by encouraging forgiveness and moving forward...oh and they have managed to forgive all of my lame jokes!"

Thank you to Mr. Beale for these deserving Oscar nominations. Thank you also to these to FABULOUS Langney pupils.

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