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First Aid Superstar!

Brooke Harris in Year 1 has been attending First Aid Club after school with Mrs Thompson.

Unfortunately, before Christmas, Mummy was poorly at home and fainted. Brooke realised that she was unwell and unlocked Mummy's phone and called a family member. Brooke used her training and remembered about risks and hazards, then clearly explained that the doctor should come over. In the meantime, Brooke held her Mummy's hand and told her should would be okay. Brooke also comforted her 3 year old sister throughout. The paramedic and Nanny arrived and Mummy was fine, thanks to Brooke's quick thinking!

We are all so proud of Brooke and she received a prestigious Langney Oscar in our Funky Friday assembly this morning in recognition of her bravery, courage and quick thinking for a Year 1 pupil.

Brooke told us that she would like to be a paramedic when she is older!!! Well done.

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