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Diwali Celebrations

Diwali is a very special time and Miss Crane provided a brilliant assembly for the school. We had a wonderful time celebrating 'Diwali' in Reception. The children learned all about the Hindu celebration by enjoying a range of traditional Diwali activities. The children experienced creating their own 'Diya' lamps and designing their own Rangoli patterns outside the doors to bring us good luck. The children created their own 'Mendhi' patterns on their hands using paint and were fascinated with the intricate detail. Mrs Young even had her own 'Menhi' pattern designed by Maisie. We tried a range of traditional foods in our very own Langney Cafe and even had a go at making 'Barfi' (a traditional sweet) by following our own recipe. We adored listening to the story of 'Rama and Sita' and understanding why and how families celebrate Diwali. We especially loved dancing to some traditional Indian music on the outdoor stage. It was a fabulous day and we could not wait to take our 'Diya' lamps home and light them at the table at tea time.

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